Wellington Winter Champs 2015

The 10th Annual LSFC Pool Championship

Saturday Morning Top Times

Competition Information

The Wellington Winter Champs 2015 has world ranking status and is an international competition. The competition will comprise three sessions: Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon.

For each session, competitors can nominate any of the three AIDA pool competition disciplines: Static Apnea (STA), Dynamic Apnea (DYN) and Dynamic Apnea without fins (DNF). Disciplines can be repeated, although final ranking will only take into consideration the best result in each discipline.

There will be a recreation grade available for those new to competitive freediving. Divers in the recreation grade will compete in the same disciplines, but with relaxed rules and against other recreation grade divers. These dives will not be eligible for international ranking.

To celebrate our 10th Wellington Winter Champs, and with the generosity of some amazing sponsors, we are happy to announce that ALL entries will be $10 – regardless of number of sessions or grade entered.


No late entries will be accepted. Entries are to be received by 5pm on Thursday 4th June 2015. If you would like to register please fill out the entry form online here, or contact the organiser if you have any questions. If you cannot access this for any reason, please contact the organiser.

When you get to the pool on the competition day, you will be required to sign your declaration. If you are participating for another country, please have your passport with you.

Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are required for all Competition grade participants and for any Rec Grade participants who answer yes to any item on the medical statement form. Your medical certificate of non-contradiction to freediving will need to be less than 12 months old on 7th June 2015.

Please use this form with your doctor if you require a new medical certificate.

Our recommended diving doctor in Wellington is Dr Helen Fields. She knows about Freediving. It costs $70 cash or cheque.


Make sure you are familiar with the competition rules beforehand. Do not forget that they have been updated earlier this year. This is your responsibility!

Further Information

Information regarding payment details, judges, and contacts for the competition organiser and nominations can be found in the Competition Information document.


17:00 – Entries Close

18:00 – Nominations for Session 1 Close

20:00 – Top times for Session 1 posted on the Lazy Seal Freediving Club and shared on the LSFC Facebook Event Page

Session 1

08:00 – Official’s Briefing

08:15 – Athlete’s Briefing

08:30 – First Competitor’s Check-in

08:45 – Warm ups commence

09:30 – First Top Time

12:30 – Finish, Nominations for Session 2 close

13:30 – Results for session 1 and top times for Session 2 posted on the Lazy Seal Freediving Club and shared on the LSFC Facebook Event Page

Session 2

15:00 – First Competitor’s Check-in

15:15 – Warm ups Commence

16:00 – First Top Time

19:00 – Finish

20:00 – Nominations close for Session 3

21:00 – Results for session 2 and top times for Session 3 posted on the Lazy Seal Freediving Club and shared on the LSFC Facebook Event Page

Session 3

12:00 – First Competitor’s check-in

12:15 – Warm ups commence

13:00 – First top time

16:00 – Finish

17:00 – Prizegiving/celebrations (venue tbc)

20:00 – Final results posted on on the Lazy Seal Freediving Club and shared on the LSFC Facebook Event Page


Te Rauparaha Arena Aquatic Centre – 17 Parumoana Street, Porirua City

The pool is 25m long, 1.2m deep in the shallow end tapering down to about 2 m in the deep end. There are no steps or bulkheads. There is a box section with rounded edges, approximately 20cm wide, 5cm deep and running along the whole wall except at the shallow end, approximately 20cm from the bottom. It is too deep to stand at about 6m from the shallow end.

It is heated to 27-29 degrees Celsius. The interior environment of the pool building is usually quite warm and fairly noisy.

Performances will be done in the side lane allowing divers to come up on the wall. There will be space made available for people to film/photograph underwater, though this will be shared with anyone doing warm-ups before their dive.