Kathryn McPhee, Dave Mullins and Guy Brew all ended 2008 on a high, taking four World Freediving Awards between them.

the World Freediving Awards are given to the athlete with the top competition ranking in each competition discipline at the end of the calendar year. Dave took both the Dynamic Without Fins (WR) and the Constant Weight (NR) awards, while Guy took the Static breath-hold (NR) for the men. Kathryn spoiled a potential clean-sweep by Natalia Molchanova with her world record Dynamic Without Fins swim. Fellow New Zealander William Trubridge also took the Free Immersion and Constant Weight Without Fins categories with world records.

Interestingly, New Zealand and Russia took all twelve awards at six each and shared another six second places equally as well. No other country took more than a single second place. That makes the Lazy Seals Freediving Club the best performing in the world with four firsts and three second places between three athletes. Congratulations to those three!

Straight from the horse’s mouth:

Constant Weight:
Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 95m / 95 points, 080725?(WR)
David Mullins, New Zealand 108m / 108 points, 080401 ??

Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 7’03” / 84,6 points, 080903 ?
Guy Brew, New Zealand, 8’31” / 102.2 points, 081115??

Dynamic with fins:?
Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 214m / 107 points, 081005/080426 (WR)
Alexey Molchanov, Russia, 250m / 125 points, 081005 (WR)

Dynamic without fins:?
Kathryn Mcphee, New Zealand, 151m / 75,5 points, 080809?(WR)
David Mullins, New Zealand, 213m / 106,5 points, 080812??(WR)

Constant Weight without fins:
Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 60m / 60 points, 080612?(WR)
William Trubridge, New Zealand, 86m / 86 points, 080410 (WR)??

Free Immersion:
Natalia Molchanova, Russia, 85m / 85 points, 080727? (WR)
William Trubridge, New Zealand, 108m / 108 points, 080411 (WR)