Lazy Seal members Kathryn McPhee and Guy Brew produced outstanding results in the Static Breathhold discipline during the recent Oceanhunter Deep Obsession competition.

On Saturday 15th November in Panmure Pool, Guy performed a stunning 8min 31sec static to claim his New Zealand record back off fellow seal Dave Mullins. This remarkable dive was the longest competition static performed in 2008 anywhere in the world. It also only the third person to break the 8:30 mark in competition, behind Tom Sietas and Stig Aavall Severinsen.

Later that afternoon, Kathryn topped things off with a 7min 01sec static, just two seconds short of the number one ranking for 2008. The dive is more remarkable given that Kathryn had been battling illness for the two weeks leading up to the competition and was diving late in the afternoon, her less-favoured option. She also hadn’t thought to check the ranking list for the year, otherwise the static would have been a few seconds longer! The top-ranked dive of the year remains Natalia Molchanova’s 7:03. Natalia currently holds every competitive world record, excepting only Kathryn’s own Dynamic with No Fins record.

Congratulations to these two outstanding athletes!