The Lazy Seals


The Lazy Seal Freediving Club  is based in Wellington, New Zealand. It was founded, oh, like ages ago. It is New Zealand’s oldest freediving club, which means its vested with a great wisdom from its long years, likes quiet evenings at home, and is slightly grumpy with all these young upstart clubs.

Over the winter months it trains primarily at Freyberg swimming pool.

Over the summer months the Lazy Seal Freediving Club attempts to include depth training into schedule, with a weekly training session in Wellington harbour.  If you trained in depth work in some tropical paradise, with great visibility, nice warm water, and people in speedos and bikinis joyfully frolicking in the liquid embrace of a friendly sea, then the transition to training in Wellington harbour will be the emotional equivalent of a sledgehammer to the chest.  Training sessions in the harbour will necessarily involve darkness, and green. It is possible you will be able to see the end of your fins, but its unlikely. We have only been nearly run over by the harbour pilot, which is different than actually being run over by the harbour pilot by about 50 metres. It wasn’t technically a gale force wind at the time, but it was rather choppy. 5mm wetsuits, with gloves, are only for the hard core; most people are wearing so much neoprene in an attempt to maintain core body temperature they use a ferry anchor for weight. You should feel comfortable with waves, and not get seasick. It is not always rough however. It can be nice and still, and you can even see far enough ahead not to hit the jellyfish. We saw a penguin once.

The club hosts an annual competition, the Wellington Winter Champs, and this is currently scheduled for the weekend after Queen’s Birthday weekend every year. See the competition announcements page for any details on forthcoming competitions.

The club is run by a group of people who don’t move fast enough on land to avoid being given a task.